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Kurt Robson

Senior reporter at Verdict.

Davos: AI Governance Alliance calls for stronger global collaboration

The World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Alliance has explored the potential risks of advanced AI in three new reports. 

ChatGPT one year on: how have businesses been affected?

One year on from its release, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has started a public conversation about the effects of AI. But what will it mean for business?

Why are tech and crypto experts feeling hopeful about Rishi Sunak as prime minister?

Rishi Sunak is the UK’s new Prime Minister and tech experts seemingly have a positive outlook for the future of their industry under his government.

Vladimir Putin could become a crypto bro to evade sanctions during Ukraine invasion

The Treasury Department has warned that Russia could use cryptocurrencies to evade sanctions as Putin continues to wage war on Ukraine.

Tech and gaming leaders dissing NFTs “will have absolutely no impact” – but industry needs work

Several tech heavyweights have dissed NFTs, but their rejection is not the main reason why the industry is suffering

How valid are fears about the tech bubble popping?

Experts are freaking out over fears that the “tech bubble” is about to burst. With rising interest rates, crumbling companies and a recession looming – it’s certainly looking bleak.