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Is money the real culprit of climate change?

Financial services companies are under increasing pressure to recognise how their capital can promote sustainability but issues remain over consistent accounting methodologies and reporting metrics across the sector, writes Suneet Muru

Growing household wealth will spur revolution in India’s wealth management space

GlobalData predicts that household wealth increasing in India can only be good for wealth management.

Talent retention is the top staffing concern for wealth managers

Talent is hard to find in wealth management and even harder to keep.

Morgan Stanley’s generative AI-based virtual assistant will enhance the group’s operational efficiency

Morgan Stanley has launched AI @ Morgan Stanley Assistant, based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology.

Pessimism reigns across the wealth management industry

After a difficult 2022, wealth management profitability is on track to see further declines in all regions in 2023.

Asia-Pacific wealth assets powered H1 2023 growth at DBS

H1 2023 saw money and wealth grow in Asia Pacific with DBS being one of the main beneficiaries in the region.

UBS’s integration of Credit Suisse presents opportunities for smaller wealth managers in Asia-Pacific

The integration of Credit Suisse into UBS and the subsequent restructuring will massively impact the banking giant’s operations in Asia-Pacific.

Rising domestic holdings among non-resident Indians should be a key focus for Indian wealth managers

Non-resident Indians’ (NRIs’) wealth holdings within India are on the rise.

DAX index reaches record high as European markets outperform US counterparts

The DAX index set a record high of 16,331.9 in May, highlighting European equities’ overperformance over the last year.