According to Fidelity Investments 2012 Millionaire Outlook Study, married millionaire women focus on holistic planning and not inclined towards risky investment, while men have their sights firmly set on investment returns.

Compared to women, millionaire men were found to be expressing interest in achieving the greatest return on an investment.

Conservative investments such as certificates of deposit and money markets were found to be commonly preferred by millionaire women and individual domestic bonds and domestic bond mutual funds were found to be their top five investments over the last year.

On the contrary, men were found to prefer riskier vehicles such as individual domestic stocks. According to the report, nearly twice as many men as women added individual domestic stocks to their portfolios.

Women were found to be more receptive and willing to receive professional financial advice, with 44% of women found to be increasingly needing professional financial advice now than in the past, and nearly 50% of those with no advisor telling that they would like to find an advisor they trust to manage their assets.

Compared to men, women were found to twice more likely to be interested in holistic financial planning to attain a lifestyle or goal and were found to express greater loyalty to them.

Also, 45% of women said that they would very likely move their assets with their primary advisor if he or she changed firms. Only 23% of men said the same.