Barclay’s Defined Returns Plan Annual Kick-Out, that is open to investors until 2 March 2012, has maximum maturity period of six years.

The product caters to those investors who are expecting moderate growth in the performance of the FTSE and offers a potential of maximum 48% return plus capital over the six year term of the product.

Investors will receive their capital repayment in full if the FTSE index finishes lower than the initial index level but higher than or equal to 50% of the initial index level.

Richard Henry, director of Barclays Wealth, said, "This Defined Returns Plan Annual Kick-Out aims to offer investors an 8 per cent return per annum while offering full capital repayment should the FTSE not fall below 50 per cent of the initial index level".

He further added that the product is ideal for investors who look for mitigating their risk and balance their portfolio in the current turbulent economic market environment.