The launch is the fourth in its Secure Global Growth Bond series and it is a deposit based investment for private clients who wish to protect their invested capital against market falls, secure a fixed return and also profit from capital growth if the market rises.

The Bank said that the portfolio of shares underpinning the Secure Global Growth Bond will be selected by the Bank’s investment team who will focus on high quality shares, trading at an attractive valuation diversified by region and sector, with strong balance sheets and competitive positions in their individual sector.

The Bank also added that capital will be secure at end of the Bond’s 4.5 year term, and 50% of the investment will earn a fixed return of 15.4%, which will be paid out over the term in four regular gross interest payments at a rate of 3.85%. The return on the remaining 50% of the investment is said to be unlimited and based on the performance of an actively managed portfolio of shares selected by Bank of Ireland Private Banking’s investment team.

The minimum investment for the Secure Global Growth Bond is EUR250,000 and it will be open to investors for a limited time until 30th November 2012.

"The Secure Global Growth Bond can be a valuable addition to such a portfolio, meeting both the need for capital security but also providing investors with some exposure to markets to help boost potential returns. These products have proven to be popular with private clients looking to invest funds in the current environment," said Kevin Quinn, investment director, Bank of Ireland Private Banking.