Asset manager Amundi has announced the introduction of three flagship funds to retail investors in Singapore and a focus on ESG.

All three funds hold four or five star ratings from Morningstar and will strengthen Amundi expertise in Singapore. In addition, they are set to meet the evolving needs of investors.

The three funds are:

  • Amundi Funds Pioneer US Bond: a multi-sector fixed income fund that invests in a number of US dollar-denominated investment grade bonds;
  • Amundi Funds Polen Capital Global Growth: a global equity fund with a high-conviction portfolio that is made up of high quality companies, and
  • KBI Global Sustainable Infrastructure Fund: a global equity fund highlighting high quality and sustainable infrastructure companies. It aims to deliver strong investment returns with diverse exposure to water and clean energy infrastructure, food storage, and transportation and farmland.

Vincent Mortier, deputy chief investment officer and Asia ex-Japan supervisor at Amundi said: “The path to recovery in 2021 will be an uneven one, with the virus cycle dictating the sequence. Against this backdrop of low rates, low growth and low inflation, the flagship offering can provide investors exposure to opportunities for diversification, quality value and post-Covid ESG themes. It will be a multi-year process to get the world back in order, which makes it all the more important that investors consider core strategic building blocks to build a long-term resilient portfolio.”

Eric Bramoullé, Amundi’s chief executive officer of South Asia added: “The introduction of these flagship funds demonstrates our ‘best-of-breed’ approach in providing carefully chosen offerings to meet the evolving needs of Singapore investors. By bringing in these impactful investment solutions, Amundi shows our commitment to provide investors access to growth and sustainable investment opportunities to address the needs of tomorrow.”

In 2018, Amundi established a three-year action plan to integrate ESG criteria in all actively managed open-ended funds by the end of 2021. Furthermore, it aims to reach 100% in ESG analyses for the securities in its portfolios and benchmarks.