Private Banking Conference: London 2014 brings together private banks, family offices, independent wealth managers and intermediaries in an active discussion of the key issues facing the industry. The informative and inspiring keynote sessions and informal conversations provide setting for you to join other high-profile event guests in engaging discussions. Key industry thinkers and doers will meet to debate the importance of a new kind of strategies, business practices and partnerships in the industry to meet the challenges of implementing innovative technological solutions.

C-level speakers will look at the major trends in global private banking and wealth management industries such as  strategic cost cutting through M&As and strategies to seize opportunities during market consolidation. The CEO-Forum at the end of the conference provides space for a top-level conversation and asks important questions about London’s position among the global wealth capitals. How can the city leverage its significant internal resources to achieve a higher profile with international clients?

The conference invites speakers, participants and partners to examine the key industry trends and discuss and find practical solutions to the most pressing industry questions:

  • How is the regulation driving the change in the industry practices?
  • How are industry leaders tackling new challenges in the converging market conditions?
  • How to meet the demands of a new generation of tech-savvy investors?
  • How to develop your organisation’s talent to nurture future-proof skills and knowledge?
  • How is the emerging market investment growth influencing established territories?
  • How to run a sustainable and profitable private banking operation in difficult economic conditions?
  • How to achieve competitive advantage through scaling operations and refocusing on the key markets?

Private Banking Conference: London 2014 leverages the expertise across the Progressive Digital Media research and publishing portfolio, including Private Banker International, Wealth Insight and Spears. The event is an opportunity to share ideas, discover trends and network with peers across the wealth industry, while enjoying exclusive research and case studies delivered by the wealth industry thought leaders.