‘Tryst with Transparency: How private banks in Switzerland and Singapore are ensuring best-of-breed service in a demanding regulatory ecosystem’


14:30 – 19:00 Thursday 28 October 2015

Rhone Room, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Geneva

The private banking and wealth management industry across the globe has gone through an unprecedented transformation over the past few years, particularly in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Two of the most important global wealth hubs – Switzerland and Singapore – are both coming to terms with the new realities that the regulatory landscape has created for their financial markets.

Both in Switzerland and Singapore, there are distinct differences but also similarities in terms of how private banks are dealing with increased regulatory demands and a need for more transparency.

Private Banks in both jurisdictions are overcoming obstacles around compliance, risk management, and customer service by strategising differently, leveraging sophisticated technology developments and addressing the legacy issues that have been acting as roadblocks for decades. The need to increase efficiency and redefine best practice is more pertinent than ever before.