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Digital Editions

We are delighted to introduce the new digital supplements published by Private Banker International. Available online and tablet application, the supplement is available for free and features topical focuses on some of the key developments, trends and challenges in the private banking sector. It also features topical though leadership by our knowledge partners. The free supplements are published several time a year and distributed to over thousands of retail banking players globally.

ISSUE 19 – MARCH 2021

This digital edition of Private Banker International focuses on How Private banks have an opportunity to change for their clients and for the better, but will they? and more.


This digital edition of Private Banker International focuses on How are banks going to start 2021?, With a bang or a whimper? and more.


This digital edition of Private Banker International focuses on Technology making its claim to boost engagement, Is the new normal going to stay?, HNW investors are chasing yield in riskier corners of the fixed income universe, COVID-19 repercussions are still being felt, so what happens next? and more.


This digital edition of Private Banker International focuses on UBS betting on 5G in the future, Mirabaud and the demand of Swiss clients, HSBC and risk avoidance, The biggest news stories and analysis and more.


M&A has always been prominent in the banking world, but now we’re seeing giant banks merge and take each other on. Are we entering the era of the mega bank?

ISSUE 14 – JUNE 2020

This digital edition of Private Banker International focuses on: How has private banking changed in the last 20 years?, Coutts now focusing on sustainability, Is robo-advice the way forward for relationships and wealth management?, The biggest news stories in the sector, and more.

ISSUE 13 – MARCH 2020

In this edition: Wealth management both expanding and closing + Moonfare puts asset management and investment onto your phone + Do you want to own art? Crypto andA R T C E L could help + South African HNWIs looking to move wealth + How is coronavirus impacting investment?


This digital edition of Private Banker International focuses on Private Banking Sector in 2020, Tax planning for next 12 months, choices need to be made over the next year, the biggest news stories, and more.


This digital edition of Private Banker International explores: why risk management is the order of the day, Swiss private banks falling on hard times, are equities worth buying, a book review on The Banker Who Died, and more.

ISSUE 10 – JUNE 2019

This digital edition of Private Banker International focuses on HNWIS’ must-attend summer sport events, if automation is really replacing jobs in wealth management, financial firms looking at cybersecurity, what HNWIS should expect from another term of Modi, and more.

ISSUE 9 – MARCH 2019

Keeping up appearances: why private banks are collecting fine art


Asian emerging markets vie for growth. Who will you put your money on in 2019?


This digital edition of Private Banker International focuses on three things that will change the private banking sector this quarter: The uncertainties of Brexit, HNWI and Fintech, and whether cryptocurrencies are worth investing in.

ISSUE 6 – JUNE 2018

This digital edition of Private Banker International focuses on ways wealth managers can reach the millennial market; solutions to fix the gender gap in wealth management; and best practice for HNW investors for market volatility.

ISSUE 5 – MARCH 2018

This digital edition of Private Banker International (PBI) focuses on how blockchain technology will transform wealth management.


This digital edition of Private Banker International (PBI) focuses on the major regulation and compliance developments that will be on the radar of private banks and wealth managers in 2018.


This digital supplement of Private Banker International explains how private banks and wealth managers can more effectively manage and benefit from risk.

ISSUE 2 – JUNE 2017

This edition delves into all things compliance. Striking the right balance between regulatory demands, rising costs and customer centricity is a big challenge for private banks. You can read in-depth about the upcoming MiFID II and GDPR regulations that will be game-changers for Europe’s wealth management industry, the changing regulatory landscape in the US and the future of Dodd-Frank, RegTech’s role in eliminating pain-points, risk management at family offices globally, and more.

ISSUE 1 – APRIL 2017

In this edition we are exploring the exciting possibilities arising in wealth management from the world of artificial intelligence (AI). Be it chat bots that are increasingly serving wealthy customers, or smart algorithms – robo advisors – that are managing clients’ wealth, AI is impacting private banks in many ways. This digital edition takes a deep-dive into the latest trends, upcoming offerings and highlights the players to watch. Read on.


The theme for this edition is offshore wealth management. In recent years, cross-border wealth management has come under harsh spotlights. The global regulatory ecosystem has tightened to make transparencey the key focus. Conduct risk is even more crucuial.

We spoke to global private banking executives and domain experts to understand what the current key trends in offshore wealth management are. From analysis, to country focus, to interviews and comments – we have it all. Enjoy exploring.

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