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Q&A: what is asset tokenisation, and why is it on the rise?

The tokenisation of real-world assets using blockchain can unlock a host of new opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Renamed ESG funds “a step in the right direction” for tackling greenwashing

A behavioural economist has suggested that a decline in ESG funds is a step in the right direction for tackling greenwashing.

ESG funds declining due to regulation and performance

ESG appears to be a declining priority for funds, but this could be beneficial in the long term for climate change action.

Kardashian private equity firm SKKY Partners announces first investment

Kardashian and Sammons private equity firm SKKY Partners announces investment in TRUFF as their first move since the founding of the company.

How wealth management is approaching demographic changes

GlobalData’s Demographics in Banking report offers insight into how wealth managers are responding to the forthcoming demographic changes and wealth transfer

Wealth management firms need to ‘recognise the size of the opportunity’ with women

Nneka Orji, Sarah King and Shalini Khemka discuss why the vast gender gap still persists in investment and wealth management – and what can be done to close it.

What the Bank of England’s low growth forecast means for private banking

Private Banker International talks to industry professionals to see what the Bank of England’s predictions for minimal UK economic growth in 2024 might mean for private banking.

UK wealth market remains in top five despite political instability

The UK’s wealth management market remains in the top five despite growing offshoring trends.

Economic indicators suggest US recession is imminent

A Deutsche Bank reports suggests multiple triggers are taking place in the US that typically occur before a recession.

How the Bank of England’s interest rate freeze affects private banking

Bank of England freezes the base rate at 5.25% signaling good news for potential investors.