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Exclusive: Nutmeg shakes up next-gen wealth management

While online wealth management is driven by the demand from newly minted millionaires in the Silicon Valley, Nick Hungerford sits down with Private Banker International to discuss how he is pioneering the trend in the UK as the first online discretionary manager. By Caroline Ng.

Exclusive: Wealth management: The beacon for Wall Street firms

Wealth management has emerged as a beacon of profit for the private banking industry as leading wirehouses on Wall Street topped off a profitable year.

Exclusive: Consolidation spotlight shines on private banks in Asia

As a merger wave sweeps the private banking landscape in Asia, the spate of consolidation has created ripples of concern as well as opportunities for players in the industry. Caroline Ng and Sruti Rao investigate the drivers behind the trend and its impacts.

Societe Generale favours developed over emerging market equities

The tide is now turning the favour back to developed markets as emerging markets face the sting of the Federal Reserve’s tapering.

UBS outlines UK investment trends for 2014

Britain is set to be the fastest growing economy in continental Europe buoyed by central bank support, credit availability and rising property prices, according to UBS.

Exclusive: 2014: Year of reckoning for private banks in Asia

Asia’s private banking sector will accelerate its pace for consolidation this year driven by increasing cost pressures and wafer-thin profit margins, the head of UK private banking consultancy firm said.

Private banks limber up to family offices boom in Singapore

As family offices rapidly expand in Singapore, private banks are left with little choice but to strike mutually beneficial partnerships to manage the rising fortunes of Asian tycoons, writes Caroline Ng.