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PBI Global Wealth Summit 2016: FutureVision sessions, Masterclass, and WealthInsight presentation

This year’s PBI Global Wealth Summit hosted FutureVision sessions with C-level executives from two banks, introduced a Masterclass session and also incorporated a data-driven presentation from PBI’s sister platform, WealthInsight. Read on for details

PBI Global Wealth Summit 2016: An overview

The Private Banker International Global Wealth Summit 2016, held in Singapore in October, brought together pivotal private banking industry leaders to engage in much needed discussion on evolving business models and the use of technology, the impact of fast evolving regulations, inter-generational wealth transfer and the unique proposition on ultra-high-net-worth clientele. Xiou Ann Lim reports on key insights from the day

Brexit: What can private banks and fintech firms in Asia expect?

As markets adjust to the ‘new normal’ that is brought about by the UK’s decision to leave the EU, private banks and fintech firms in Asia are keeping calm and carrying on. Xiou Ann Lim reports

Leading the FinTech way: Private banks in APAC

Asia pacific is undoubtedly the region to watch for FinTech developments. Several private banks are one step ahead of players in Europe and the US in terms of delivering innovative client experiences – through technology-savvy branches, mature mobile banking apps, and advanced security features. Xiou Ann Lim talks to some leading players and examines the most interesting offerings in the region

Fintech start-ups in Asia that private banks should watch out for

Fintech start-ups have been heralded as revolutionary to the banking sector in recent years. But is the David-and-Goliath analogy really an accurate one or are we poised to see a more collaborative environment instead? Xiou Ann Lim talks to three start-ups in Asia to find out how private banks can stand to benefit from their offerings – and what they’ve missed

Giving men a run for their money

Recent reports have indicated that women in Asia are not only stepping up within the entrepreneurial space – they are also catching up with men when it comes to net wealth. Xiou Ann Lim finds out if this will be a game changer in terms of how private banks in Asia map their strategy

Private Banker International Wealth Summit 2015: FutureVision sessions

In its 25th anniversary year, the PBI Global Wealth Summit introduced ‘FutureVision’ sessions with three industry leaders who are well-known in the private banking world. These sessions, dotted throughout the day, were conducted in form of one-on-one, on-stage interviews. They gave the audience an in-depth understanding of these individuals’ visions about the future of wealth management and also presented opportunities for insightful interactions

Private Banker International Wealth Summit 2015: Overview

The 25th Private Banker International Wealth Summit 2015, held in Singapore on 16 October, brought together global industry leaders to discuss, evaluate, question and analyse some powerful themes that are currently shaping the wealth management landscape. Xiou Ann Lim reports key insights from the day

The five stumbling blocks to private banking growth in the Asia-Pacific region

While the fast-paced growth of the wealth management industry in the Asia-Pacific region is continuing unabated, there are still significant challenges for private banks to overcome. Martin Frick, Managing Director of APAC at Temenos, talks to Xiou Ann Lim about how private banks in the region can overcome these obstacles with the right partnerships and technology solutions