Geoffrey Drabble, Executive Director of Ashtead Group plc, a UK-based industrial equipment rental company, has sold 406,176 shares, representing 0.0807% stake in the company.

The shares were sold at a price of £9.34 ($15.85) per share, for a consideration of £3.79 million ($6.43 million).

Full Name: Mr. Geoffrey Drabble
DOB: 1959
Gender: Male
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Languages: English

Liquidity Event:
July 28 2014 sale of 406,176 shares in Ashtead Group for a consideration of £3.79 million.

Geoff Drabble was appointed as chief executive of Ashtead Group in January 2007, having served as chief executive designate from October 2006 and as a non-executive director since April 2005. Geoff was previously an executive director of The Laird Group plc where he was responsible for its Building Products division. Prior to joining The Laird Group, he held a number of senior management positions at Black & Decker. Geoff is chairman of the Finance and Administration Committee and a member of the Nomination Committee.