Nubank moving into new territory with investments

Brazil-based Nubank, currently providing banking products for more than 30 million customers, has acquired digital investment platform Easynvest. This brings the bank into the investment sphere, but what is the…

24 Oct 2020 By Patrick Brusnahan

03 Sep 2020

As GDP rises, will hopes do the same?

Figures for July are out and look promising, particularly as the world is still largely in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Patrick Brusnahan asks experts if the world can start becoming…

03 Sep 2020 By Patrick Brusnahan

20 Jul 2020

What will private banking look like in 20 years?

The wealth management industry in centuries old and has kept many of its traditions. Digital has infiltrated many arms of the financial sector, but a lot of the private banking…

20 Jul 2020 By Patrick Brusnahan