CEO Chat: Q&A with Sho Sugihara of Pave

Sho Sugihara, CEO of Pave, believes the fintech industry can be a force for good by helping underserved people boost their credit scores. And he’s not alone.

FTX collapse will slow down crypto regulations, analyst warns

The implosion of the industry darling has put the future of the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act in doubt.

Buckzy bags $14.5m in Series A despite fintech funding famine

A Canadian fintech raising funds in this market may sound farfetched, but it’s not maple leaf.

Monzo CEO unfazed about “the big boys” launching their own neobanks

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan launching their own digital banks doesn’t worry TS Anil.

What could keep Dubai from becoming a cryptocurrency capital?

Dubai must tackle three major challenges to ensure its future as a global cryptocurrency hotbed: the risk of fraud, talent shortages and international competition.

The 10 biggest fintech deals you missed in October

Fintech funding rounds still closed successfully in October, despite the industry’s struggles with market uncertainty.

Fintech layoffs continue with digital bank Chime cutting 12% of staff

First Chime had to stop calling itself a bank, now it has to axe 12% of its staff.

Cover Genius bags $70m Series D amidst insurtech investment drop

Money seems to be drying out in the insurtech industry after the Covid-19 boom.

Why are tech and crypto experts feeling hopeful about Rishi Sunak as prime minister?

Rishi Sunak is the UK’s new Prime Minister and tech experts seemingly have a positive outlook for the future of their industry under his government.

What fintech experts hate that you get wrong about embedded finance

Embedded finance is one of the most promising areas of fintech, but experts are tired of people getting things wrong about it.

SEC catches up with Kim Kardashian: Reality star fined $1.26m for cryptocurrency promotion

The Keeping Up With the Kardashian star paid the fine to “get this matter behind her”.

Let’s not get physical: The bank of the future is digital and cashless

The bank of the future is digital and cashless, according market watchers.

Is this the end of buy-now-pay-later?

Analysts warn that the buy-now-pay-later industry only has a small window of time to save itself.

“Shoot now, pay later”: Fintech has become the latest gun control battleground

Fintech firms have found themselves at the centre of the US gun control debate.

Vladimir Putin could become a crypto bro to evade sanctions during Ukraine invasion

The Treasury Department has warned that Russia could use cryptocurrencies to evade sanctions as Putin continues to wage war on Ukraine.

Fintech startup Ledgy bags $22m in Series B round

Ledgy wants to remove the headache of equity management for startups.

White House orders SEC to “aggressively pursue” cryptocurrency firms and introduces framework for new rules

Joe Biden’s White House has presented the framework for new cryptocurrency rules.

New Bitstamp CEO isn’t worried about the cryptocurrency winter

Bitstamp boss says bitcoin is not a security as cryptocurrency winter drags on.

Klarna CEO bullish despite tripling losses

The CEO of Klarna remains confident and takes a jab at rival Affirm as he reports that losses have tripled so far this year.

Cost of living crisis hits insurtech startups as deals dry up

The insurtech industry is struggling to pick itself up after deals drop.

Tornado Cash ban is just the beginning: Regulators take aim at cryptocurrency mixers

Are cryptocurrency mixers inherently evil or are there actually good use cases for them?

Block lawsuit over cybersecurity incident is the latest setback for Jack Dorsey

Bock getting sued for failing to live up to its commitment to defend users’ privacy is another thing for Jack Dorsey to worry about

CTO Talk: Q&A with Andrey Korchak of Monite

Why Monite’s CTO doesn’t fear the fintech slowdown.

Have a taste of this: OakNorth boosts board with Gousto founder hire

OakNorth adds some special sauce to its board

Why are the UK and US so far behind China’s live shopping chokehold?

Live shopping makes up 10% of China’s entire ecommerce market. Why does the UK and US seem so far behind?

Crypto crash continues as SEC makes power grab with securities investigation

The SEC has rattled the crypto world with a new lawsuit – and the crypto world has reason to be shaken.

SEC charges Russian Forsage founders with cryptocurrency fraud

The SEC is accusing crypto company Forsage of running a Ponzy scheme.

Fintechs welcome FCA push to regulate investment marketing

The FCA has proposed new rules for high-risk investment marketing.

CEO Chat: Q&A with Sho Sugihara of Pave

Sho Sugihara, CEO of Pave, believes the fintech industry can be a force for good by helping underserved people boost their credit scores. And he’s not alone.

Tech and gaming leaders dissing NFTs “will have absolutely no impact” – but industry needs work

Several tech heavyweights have dissed NFTs, but their rejection is not the main reason why the industry is suffering

How valid are fears about the tech bubble popping?

Experts are freaking out over fears that the “tech bubble” is about to burst. With rising interest rates, crumbling companies and a recession looming – it’s certainly looking bleak.

Can Sweatcoin beat the obesity crisis?

The crypto startup taking steps to fatten your wallet, not your waist

CEO Chat: Tamas Kadar of SEON

Hot on the heels of raising a $94m Series B round, the CEO of SEON is taking the fraud-busting startup to next level

Crypto crash is the “medicine” the bloated market needs, industry says

The crypto crash has become a reality. However, industry experts are bullish about the future of digital assets

The UK going cashless won’t leave people behind – YouLend boss

The UK is thundering towards becoming a cashless society. While this might be great for SMEs, people fear it may leave people behind

African fintechs enjoy record funding, but market volatility could stop the party

A perfect storm of market volatility, red tape and poor infrastructure threatens to pop the African fintech bubble

CTO Talk: Q&A with Sergej V. of Kernolab

The Kernolab CTO reveals what people get wrong with embedded finance and why it’s suddenly become all the rage in fintech circles

Revolut’s embedded finance partner Modulr bags $108m in Series C

Modulr taps General Atlantic for Series C as competition in embedded finance heats up and fintech funding dries up

Revolut continues trend of older users adopting fintech

Silver swipers continues to flock to fintech providers, with Revolut being the latest industry stakeholder to enjoy a surge in older users

“Google for law” startup LawAdvisor scores $5m investment

Google Maps founder among angel investors backing LawAdvisor’s seed round

Bitstamp CEO is out after short term in charge

Bitstamp has a new CEO, barely 18 months after Julian Sawyer took on the role

Fintech experts unsurprised that Klarna will report users to credit scoring agencies

Klarna won’t be the only buy-now-pay-later business reporting your shopping to credit agencies, experts say

CTO Talk: Q&A with Adam Clarke of Fnality

The Fnality CTO reveals why blockchain is not just about bitcoin and NFTs, but so much more

How bad is bitcoin really for the environment?

Bitcoin uses as much electricity as Thailand, but does that really mean it’s bad for the environment?

SEON nets $94m Series B on the back of rising fraud threats

Fraud prevention startup SEON has bagged a new funding round, but don’t expect it to be the last regtech to do so

Meta’s at it again: Zuck Bucks is the successor to Diem no one asked for

Despite Diem’s implosion earlier this year, Meta is rumoured to be launching new payment tokens called Zuck Bucks

“Hype is not enough”: Fintech community weighs in on Fast collapse

Fintech leaders remain unconvinced as Fast CEO claims collapsed startup was a trailblazer.

The competition will pay for this later: Klarna completes PriceRunner deal

Klarna muscles in on Google and Amazon’s territory with completion of PriceRunner acquisition.

Brite CEO: “Tech definitely has a diversity issue”

Lena Hackelöer is the only female member of the Klarna Mafia and believes that’s a huge problem

Revolut can breathe out: FCA extends cryptocurrency extension deadline

The FCA has given 12 cryptocurrency companies a stay of execution, despite registration deadline passing on March 31

CTO Talk: Q&A with Ryan Carr of Enveil

The Enveil CTO thinks big data is exciting and blockchain is overrated.

Why Rockaway Blockchain Fund’s crypto exchanges still welcome Russian customers

Rockaway Blockchain Fund won’t ban all Russians from using portfolio cryptocurrency exchanges’ services, despite the risk of Kremlin gremlins using them to skirt sanctions.

FUEL bags €1.5m in funding as NFT bubble threatens to pop

Despite signs that the NFT bubble is about to bust, FUEL just bagged €1.5m to keep minting digital tokens

CTO Talk: Q&A with Daniella Lorenzo of Toqio

The Toqio CTO reveals what people get wrong about embedded finance, her penchant for scaring people and why she envies her dog.

Covid-19 created a cybersecurity boom: The Ukraine crisis will see it grow

First it was Covid-19 and remote working, now the war in Ukraine is driving the cybersecurity boom.

Does it matter that Visa and Mastercard have pulled out of Russia?

Visa and Mastercard have joined the wave of companies pulling out of Russia in support of the people in Ukraine.

in3 bags $11.1m Series A to provide BNPL with a difference: “We don’t want to put people in debt”

The buy-now-pay-later sector is getting crowded, but Dutch in3 believes it can compete thanks to its social responsibility-focused product.

How Covid-19 created a massive fintech boom

Despite fears at the start of the pandemic, Covid-19 has proven to be a boon for fintech companies looking to invest.

“Bitcoin is the biggest problem for blockchain” – Rockaway Blockchain Fund chief

Rockaway’s managing partner believes bitcoin is holding back blockchain adoption, but not because ransomware gangs love it.

FinCEN warns cryptocurrencies could circumvent sanctions: Experts say it’s unlikely

FinCEN has warned that Russian individuals and entities may use cryptocurrencies to dodge sanctions, but experts believe that’s unlikely.

You heard it here first: Shares bags $40m in Series A round

Confirming Verdict’s scoop from last week, shares-trading app Shares has secured $40m in a new funding round

Ukraine conflict: Anonymous declares cyberwar on Russia

Anonymous joining the worsening cyber conflict in Ukraine raises the risk of businesses being caught in the digital crossfire.

My Shares share-trading app won’t cause another meme stock frenzy, insists CEO

Shares combines Robinhood’s trading with Reddit’s social interactions. What could possibly go wrong?

Scalapay inks $497m Series B in beleaguered BNPL market

Scalapay plans to go big amidst regulatory crackdowns and plummeting BNPL stocks, but recruitment issues could hold it back.

We’re in the “death rattles” of cryptocurrencies, and the Ukraine crisis can’t save it

The Ukraine conflict will test bitcoin’s standing as a safe haven asset, but analysts warn cryptocurrency wonks will be in for a rough awakening.

Turf war brewing? CFTC and SEC both want to be top cryptocurrency watchdog

The CFTC has proposed that it should play a central role in regulating cryptocurrencies amidst turf war rumours

Bitstamp CEO and Starling old COO: “Cryptocurrencies are the new neobanks”

Bitstamp CEO on why cryptocurrencies are the new neobanks, how Starling was like after Tom Blomfield was fired and if there’s an IPO coming.